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Jawatan Kosong | Polis Diraja Malaysia September 2012


Jawatan Kosong Polis Diraja Malaysia September 2012

About Polis Diraja Malaysia:
Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) consists of 102.037 officers and members. Membership reflects the diversity of assignments carried out by the PDRM, of the General Duties traditional policing duties and always be close to the people, until the General Operations Force which carries out tasks ‘non-regulatory’ as the prevention of the entry of illegal immigrants and the rise of the war against terrorists communist one time.

Jobs Polis Diraja Malaysia:

In implementing trust and responsibility which rests with the people, the PDRM assisted by a support group of the Additional PDRM, Volunteer PDRM, Auxiliary PDRM, PDRM Cadets and civil servants. This group plays an important role in determining the safety and well-being of the country.

PDRM is inviting qualified people to fill the following position:
1. Inspektor (Lelaki/Wanita)
2. Sarjan (Lelaki/Wanita)
3. Konstabel (Lelaki/Wanita)
4. Konstabel Sokongan (Lelaki/Wanita)

Job Description:
Carry out policing duties in accordance with the functions of the Department of Management, Department of Criminal Investigation, Department of Homeland Security and Public Order, Logistics Department, Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department, Special Branch, Criminal Investigation Department and Commercial.
Among those duties is to administer, plan crime prevention, investigation, apprehension and prosecution, organize traffic control, gather intelligence, provide equipment and communication, maintaining public safety on land, sea and air to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony among peoples and nations

a) Consists of Malaysian citizens.

b) Age not less than 18 years and not more than 28 years on the date of registration of application.

c) Educational Qualifications:

i) Pass Lower Secondary Assessment / Certification (SRP) or equivalent qualification recognized by the government. [Starting salary at grade Yt1: T1];


ii) Credit in Bahasa Malaysia / Malay at the examination level or equivalent qualification recognized by the Government.

d) physical qualifications applicants should have physical and sensory measurements as follows: –
i) The height of not less than 1.63m (male) and 1.57m (women) without shoes.
ii) weight less than 50kg (men) and women at least 48 kg.
iii) Have measure body mass index (BMI) in the range of 19 to 26.
iv) Dimensions normal chest circumference 81 cm (normal) and during inhalation 86 cm (men only).
v) Pass a vision test for right and left eyes tested berasuingan with V/6/9 resolution without aids.
vi) color blindness or hearing is not impaired.
vii) Confirmed fit by the Medical Officer of the Government, including chest x-ray.

Further information and how to apply, please follow :
Click Here

Application is using the Registration Form Employment in the Public Sector (SPA8i) which can be obtained through these links:
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Posted on : September 18th, 2012