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Jawatan Kosong | Majlis Perbandaran Kangar Desember 2012


About Majlis Perbandaran Kangar:

Kangar is the administrative capital of the state of Perlis Indera Kayangan and is also the main commercial capital. It is situated within 5 territories or mukims, namely Sena, Kechor, Wang Bintong, Seriab and Utan Aji. Kangar has the most compact development in this area.Kangar existed from about 350 years ago, that is since 1653 when Kota Sena was built as the administrative centre for the 14th Sultan of Kedah, Sultan Muhyiddin Mansor Shah. Kangar was then a land port or “pengkalan” where boats and tongkangs anchor at the confluence of Sungai Perlis, which runs through Kangar Town to Kuala Perlis.

Jawatan Kosong Majlis Perbandaran Kangar :

  • Pegawai Kesihatan Persekitaran Gred U41
  • Penolong Pegawai Teknologi Maklumat Gred F29
  • Penolong Jurutera Elektrik Gred J29
  • Juruteknik Elektrik Gred J17
  • Juruteknik Awam Gred J17
  • Juruteknik Senibina Gred J17
  • Tukang K3 Gred R9

How to apply

1. Applicants must apply for positions advertised online (Online) via the official website by visiting the Kangar Municipal Council http://www.mpkangar.gov.my.
2. Applications from those who are serving in the Civil Service, Statutory Bodies or Local Authorities should also apply online (Online) and are required to inform their Head of Department in accordance with Rule Public Officers (Appointment, Promotion and Termination of Employment) 2012, Part III, Rule 18 and to submit separately to the Council’s administrative documents certified by the Head of the Department as follows:
(I). Approval Letter from Head of Department,
(Ii). Copy of an updated statement of service,
(Iii). Copies of the Annual Performance Evaluation Report (LNPT) to date,
(Iv) A copy of the approval of the declaration of property.
(V). Copy of the latest pay slip.

Further information and how to apply, please follow :
Official Source

Apply Online :
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Jawatan Kosong Majlis Perbandaran Kangar closing date 10 Disember 2012

Posted on : November 28th, 2012