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Jawatan Kosong Di Universiti Teknologi Malaysia – Mac 2013


Sekolah Pendidikan Profesional dan Pendidikan Berterusan, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia or better known as UTMSPACE was established in July 1993, a string of the government’s aspiration to increase the quality of human capital in Malaysia. UTMSPACE provide an alternative route for those who missed the opportunity to pursue studies of the current prime. In line with the organization’s operations in fast-growing and increasingly known UTMSPACE image in the eyes of the public, we invite individuals who are dynamic, innovative and have high aspirations to take up the challenge together to realize the vision and mission UTMSPACE. Qualified candidates are invited to fill the following vacancies:

1. Eksekutif Penerbitan

Academic Qualifications

  • At least at the level of qualification Bachelor / Honors in various areas, but priority is given in the field of Malay Studies / Literature / Linguistics / English from a recognized university

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for doing the job of writing in Malay and English for articles, newsletters, annual reports and other forms of writing
  • Responsible for maintenance work cover etc.
  • Responsible for system documentation
  • Responsible for carrying out translation work
  • Responsible for designing storyboards for video production
  • Perform duties as directed from time to time

2. Juru Gambar

Academic qualifications

  • At least have a diploma / certificate in fotogra / Media from a recognized educational institution

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for implementing the work of the councils fotogra organized UTMSPACE
  • Responsible for maintaining media server.
  • Responsible for providing pictorial materials
  • editing pictures
  • Record, register and documentation at each session fotogra made.

Performing tasks as directed from time to time by the Manager of the Research, Publications and Customer Relations
Interested candidates, please send your application letter along with your resume to us at the following address:

Posted on : March 12th, 2013